"Serious Issues on a beat with a strong spiritual backbone" -that is how she describes her music. With a voice- deep, rich and strong, she is a Singer who commands the attention of any audience.

McKada is a Jamaica Singer. She wrote her first song at age 9 and recorded her first single 'crucified' at age 17. She did a number of unreleased songs before being fully launched as An artist with the single "20 gran bill"  in 2017.

A Top 10 finalist in the 2019 JCDC Festival Song Competition, she has made her mark on Jamaica as an

energetic -easy-to-listen-to performer.




McKada is also a songwriter: her lyrics center around justice, spiritual beliefs, love inspired by the strong sense of right and equity her mother instilled.

She says: “Find something that motivates you to get out of bed in the mornings. Music does

that for me and I'm blessed

to be able share it with

the rest of the world."